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Helping To Make A Change For The Future!

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A Local South Bend Man Plans To Use His Music Production/Engineering Skills To Help Make A Change.

I have a special love for music, I don’t know why but music has always been apart of my thought process. When I was a baby I couldn’t sleep without a radio according to my mother lol!
As a child, I heard music differently than those around me, often correcting people when I heard them try to replicate something that wasn’t accurate… like a beat or a vocal.
There is a lot more to this story and one day I will explain it all but to make a long story short for now, I eventually started using DAW Software to put my ideas down.
My style in music is very different from the norm… very!

I want to create a creators studio course with various certificates of completion focusing on the use of PC and macOS Digital Audio Workstations.
My colleagues and I will work together to teach the fundamentals of Midi, Wav, MP3, Ogg, MP3, MP4 VST, VST3, AAX, and much more!

I am currently looking for reliable partners to make this project come to life as soon as possible! The more young people that we can occupy by educating, the more young lives we can save.

I have included some of my works and some my soon TBD partners works below.

Contact me at ijamradio@gmx.com or call me @ 15744048065

Empty concert hall in Katowice
Produced By Taiwan Airr Jordan
Produced By The Scientist AKA Taiwan Airr Jordan
Produced by Taiwan Airr Jordan
Produced By Taiwan Airr Jordan
Produced By Taiwan Airr Jordan
Produced by Taiwan Airr Jordan and E-Man

Thanks for Checking Us Out, And As Always, Much Love!❤❤

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