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Who Wants War? President Biden v.s Putin

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Who Wants War? President Biden v.s Putin. The US and Russia have been in a state of heightened tensions for the past few years. The US has been accusing Russia of interfering with the 2016 presidential election, while Russia has been accusing America of being behind the Ukraine coup. The main cause of this tension is that both countries have different visions for the future. The US wants to be seen as a country committed to democracy, while Russia wants to be seen as a country committed to its own vision of democracy and sovereignty. Former President Trump’s administration has not helped the situation either by refusing to acknowledge Russian interference in American politics or by refusing to hold Russia accountable for its actions in Syria. According to a 2018 report by Axios, the US and Russia are now engaged in a “full-blown proxy war” over Syria. In this case, Russia wants to make sure that Assad is not ousted from power and defeated in Syria. They also want to make sure that Assad’s regime remains intact. The US wants to remove Assad from power and defeat his regime so they can stop the violence that has been happening in Syria since 2011.

In the past few weeks, President Putin has been making a lot of threats about nuclear war and how he is going to “wipe out” the United States. However, President Biden has been making some equally big threats back. It seems like Putin is trying to make the US seem weak and that he is a more powerful leader. But President Biden seems to be doing the same thing by acting tough in response to Putin’s threats. Is one of them bluffing? Both have been making some big threats about nuclear war and have been acting tough in response to each other, but it’s unclear if either is serious. It’s hard to tell who will stand out in this situation and what it means for us as citizens of these countries. The United States and Russia are both countries in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which provides a military alliance between many countries in Europe. this will lead anywhere.

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