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Morgan Kay Harris victim found burned to death locked in a storage with her dog.

Μorgan Kay Harris , 27 years old was the woman identified in a fire that left her and her dog deceased. 

The fire destroyed 6 other units. It is still unknown at this time exactly how the fire started. Video surveillance from the scene shows Morgan’s ex boyfriend walking away from the scene shortly before the fire erupted.

We learned that Alexander Wardell had been paroled on a previous domestic violence incidents. Wardell had plead guilty to Aggravated assault and criminal mischief in 2018 Then caught another charge of possession of a dangerous weapon. Wardell able to post bond for $5,000 on his probation violation a day prior to the incident, despite his history of domestic violence dating back to 2013.

Morgan Kay Harris and her beloved dog.

She was a beautiful model and makeup artist and a successful medical assistant. She loved her dog, Huck, who passed with her,” the family said. Harris leaves behind “her parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, whom she adored.

“Our daughter, Morgan Kay Harris was always known for her sweet, shy and kind temperament, being a deep thinker with amazing artistic abilities and always having an infectious giggle,” her family said in a statement this week.

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