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Rapper Takeoff from Migos reported dead at 28. Are rappers the new target?

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With great sadness, we report today that superstar Rapper Takeoff, whose real name is Kirsnik Khari Ball, From the trio- group Migos, was shot and killed early this morning. According to a leaked source, Quavo and Takeoff were at 810 Billiards and Bowling in Houston at a private party. Quavo was shooting dice with an unknown male and was losing pretty badly when the tensions grew.Leaving the party Quavo began arguing with an unidenified man and a fight broke out between a few people, and gunfire erupted. Takeoff was caught in the crossfire leaving him decreased. According to an eyewitness who wishes to remain anonymous, Some people from Quavo group were shooting and the other guys were shooting back. At this time eyewitnesses on the scene reported seeing Takeoff drop after the first shot. At this time details are not clear.

video credit: NBC News

With murder rates increasing in the rap industry as well as in our own communities, we must consider who the targets are. Or are we aiming at ourselves? Looking back on Takeoff’s untimely passing, we have all known Takeoff to be quiet for all these years. Not to blame anyone during this difficult time, but we couldn’t always say that about Offset and Quavo. The most tragic thing in the world is to have life yet be unable to appreciate it. It is unfortunate that we as people believe that the bad could never and would not reach us. In a sad instance, the wrong place at the wrong time happens far too often. It is time for us as a whole community to take back our voices and stop the madness that we see. In doing that we must first know who we are as a people. We are seduced into daily diversions in this society that neither benefits us personally nor spiritually. Each of us has spent our lives running, but to what end? Knowing who we are and the ways our families survived helps us to find our genuine essence. It’s impossible to believe anything since history has been so distorted here at Ijampowerradio we are dedicated to bringing you the truth, as well as bringing our people and communities back together as a whole.

Will you take the time to contemplate in a society where it is far too easy to fire the trigger? What will it take to convince you that we are not only black and gorgeous but also hated because of who we are? As I previously stated, if we realized who we are, we would be able to understand how to wake up now before it is too late. Do you see our dark skin? They have led us to believe that we are all from Africa, which we all know is not the case. We are black Jews from the original temple of David. We are people of power, movers, and shakers. We should take pride In ourselves and protect the streets. Although walking away may hurt your pride, guess what? Sometimes that means that you can be saving your village. You have to know when is the time to open your mouth and when is the best time to shut it. How has our society become so bad to the point where no one can even say how they feel? Does me telling you that you are a coward and have cowardly ways give you the right to take my soul?


And if so With all the breath that is in me I will say, the one who pulls the trigger and takes another brother is a sad coward. And it’s not your fault that you weren’t taught at first, now we are holding you fully accountable!!! We are tired of being the targets. Teach your children to sit down and listen. We are tired of the disrespect. Teach your children when they do things its consequences. You can not do bad and think nobody is going to get in that tail. We are tired of the miscommunication. And with communication comes listening. Everything is not an argument, learn how to use your words so that we can guide this lost youth. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone tonight. I appreciate you taking the time to read this. Ijampowerradio wants to hear from you. Got a topic you want to discuss feel free to reach out to us by email.

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