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Sha’Carri Richardson… Hasn’t She Had Enough?

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Photo's courtesy of ESPN, NBC, ABC, YOUTUBE and their prospective owners

Hasn’t Sha’Carri Richardson had enough Hurt from the loss of her mother? Hasn’t she had enough shaming for the smoking of marijuana?
Hasn’t she had enough people turn their backs simply because she lost one race?

Let’s not be so quick to judge

It is really heartbreaking to know how shady some people are!
The Fact is that the words “appear” and “potential“ says more than enough… if it is not directed then it is not respected! Can anyone actually prove that Sha’Carri said these things directly to Alison Felix as a response to what she said… The answer is no! And even if she did she has the right to feel how she wants to… No one on here is considering the fact that she is very young along with losing her mother and maybe acting out because of it! I’m sure she has been under a lot of stress from all of the things that have gone on in her life lately How would you react under the stress of your mother passing away and what seems that the whole world is against you on top of that?

The same ones of you who are throwing shade at her would want somebody to have remorse and sympathy if one of your mothers passed away and caused you to make some mistakes by saying or doing some things that may not be ideal to the public.

We are all human and we all make mistakes.

~Taiwan Airr Jordan

I truly believe that Sha’Carri did not mean any harm by what she said. First, she is young from the hood, Second, her actions were only a defense mechanism that many individuals from hoods and ghettos use to protect themselves from being hurt or disappointed. Basically, we protect ourselves and stand our ground no matter what.

We love Allyson Felix too, who is a legend but we shouldn’t knock Sha’Carri Richardson as she will one day become a legend with hard work… Lets not push her away from the sport with all of the shaming and bashing

How do we know what she is going through mentally? The answer is simple… we don’t and as far as the comments on the race track.. what was she supposed to do… be sad, crying, or giving up on herself like a lot of people did because she lost… come on… she lost one race and because of it, lots of folks from the black community and others have turned their backs by making a mockery of her! SMH We have failed as a nation because we don’t protect our people at a time of need, we choose to rush and entertain each other’s downfalls instead of picking them up with encouragement not to give up. Some of our people are sick with the disease of hatred and that is really sad.
It’s sad because we see that almost everyone is against us but we still would rather go against our own people to help drive the enemy’s nail in the coffin.

Photo’s courtesy of ESPN, NBC, ABC, YOUTUBE and their prospective owners

Media channels that promote bs like this make me sick having nothing to do but try to make a come up of our people’s downfalls
She probably said what she said because she truly felt that the words of Allyson Felix were not genuine.
and Coffee and Cream Talks on Facebook said some terrible things about Sha’Carri and we now think that channel is garbage for the cruel things that they said about her… shame on them! I feel that they are NARCISSISTS for trying to make Shacarri feel less than human by talking bad about her hair, nails, apparel, etc… simply because she had an opinion. Here are some of the cruel things that Coffe and Cream Talks had to say about Sha’carri

“I hadn’t planned on saying anything AT ALL about ShaCarri Richardson. I wasn’t going to comment about her ridiculous looking wigs. I wasn’t going to comment about those nonsensical talons that she tries to pass off as nails. I wasn’t going to comment about the absurdity of her tattoos and piercings. I wasn’t going to comment about those goofy looking spider web eyelashes. I was just going to watch the show. And then when she KNOWINGLY CHOSE to violate the Olympic committee rules, opting to be a weed-head instead…Still, I wasn’t going to say anything. She was still claiming to be the best. The fastest. Even though she didn’t run. Even though the competition BEAT HER TIME. And then she finally gets the chance to COMPETE, and her competition SMOKED HER!!!”

I then commented on Coffee and Cream Talk’s post with the following…

“Sittin’ up like you high and mighty talking about what you weren’t gonna say… So why are you saying it now? Do you think that talking down on someone is the proper thing to do? So you wait until she made mistakes to dog her huh? The thing that kills me about garbage pages like these is that they wait to take advantage of someone’s mishaps for personal gain! Did she say ” hey Allyson Felix this comment is for you”? No, she did not! I have always been a firm believer in these words… “If it is not directed, it is not respected”.This response is solely for the editor of this post… You are nothing less than a Narcissist who cant wait to talk down on your own kind aiming to do as much damage to them as possible by trying to hurt and destroy them with cruel words instead of uplifting her with encouraging words to do better. I never judge someone like this… even if they are wrong. Sha’Carri has achieved more at a young age than most people do in a lifetime but I guess that doesn’t matter to people(judges) like you. Also, it does not matter what she wears or how many tattoos she has because she is the one wearing it not you. You are bullying her and obviously, it makes you feel good to talk down on her but there is one thing you should know and understand… God does not like ugly! Sha’Carri grew up in the hood of South Dallas and unless you are from the hood you will never understand that it takes a toll on some people’s mentality… obviously, she has had to defend and protect herself growing up in the hood and who knows what she has been through. Furthermore, no one knows what a person goes through after losing a mother that they love and no one knows how a person will take it because every person on this planet is different so she could be making bad decisions because of the loss of her mother. God is the only judge…Matthew: 7 say… Do not judge, or you too will be judged.2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. Stop Judging and stirring up garbage amongst OUR people because you know nothing about our struggles and don’t give me that crap about being with a black woman so you know how it is because obviously, she doesn’t know how it is either. Wake up people… when individuals like Sha’carri Richardson do things out of character, it is a signification for someone to help… not bash her into the ground”!

The editor of Coffee ad Cream Talks is a White Man who thinks that since he is in an interracial relationship that he has the right to speak on the black community in such a harsh way.
To whom it may concern… If you didn’t grow up in the hoods and ghettos in America or have been part of the evergoing struggle, please don’t make it your personal business to come in and bash us when we do something wrong!

Do we turn our back on our sister for her mistakes?… Absolutely not and we won’t stand for the bashing of a young black woman who has and will continue to make history!
our thoughts and prayers go out to Sha’Carri Richardson here at iJam Power Radio for the loss of her mother and with that, we send her plenty of ?????

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