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School Cop Viciously Tackles Young Girl Sending Her Head And Body Crashing Into The Concrete

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It is terrifying to think that our children’s well-being could be in jeopardy by the very ones who are paid to protect them!
The students of Liberty High School were shocked after witnessing a County Deputy boldly body slams a young black 16-year-old schoolgirl

This is a child!
The viewing of these videos was difficult for me to look at as the girl was viciously tackled sending her head and body crashing into the concrete with his add weight on top of her. This is a very aggressive choice made by this officer and it leads me to the following questions?
1. Would he have made the same choice if the child was white?
2. What color was the other child that was involved in the fight?
3. What was there not a more professional approach used to calm the incident?

According to TMZ, some of the students told them they no longer trust campus police and they feel their safety is in jeopardy. Some parents are considering transferring their kids to other schools.

Photo Credit: TMZ Osceola County Sheriff’s Office

Osceola County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

Check out the arrogance of the chief(pictured above) making his public speech as he subliminally protects the actions of his deputy while at the same time making the child’s situation seem less important! He even went as far as bringing up the deputy’s injuries.??‍♂️
A man bringing up a scratch on his leg after he tackles a juvenile girl is an absolute sign of a #!@*%… well you know the rest!

Links to TMZ’s story below:

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