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Over One Million Residents Are Without Power As Hurricane Ida Makes Its Pathway Through The South

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Photo courtesy of CNN.com

Hurricane Ida Slams The NOLA

The President of the United States has tweeted the following statement in response to Hurrican Ida…

Photo from Time.com

“Thanks to the hard work of @FEMA, we’ve pre-positioned resources, equipment, and response teams to respond to Hurricane Ida. That includes more than 2,400 FEMA employees, millions of meals and liters of water, generators, search and rescue teams, and over 100 ambulances”.

The Weather Channel reports that it could be up to a few days before people are rescued

Grand Isle has been overwhelmed and is being described as catastrophic

Water levels have risen above a levee in Plaquemines Parish, LA.

Here is some footage from various news Outlets, YouTube, and Twitter Users.

Reported by T. Jordan.

Ida has made it to land on Sunday ripping through Louisiana which was the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Ida landed as a category 4 storm pushing winds at 157 plus mph eventually powering down to a category 4 storm with winds in excess of 106 mph.

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