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Soulja Boy Back On The Chopping Block Again.

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soulja boy does it again, maham death and violence

Soulja Boy, a rapper from the south, has recently announced that he is done rapping and will now focus on acting. We can’t help but think that this is an excellent idea. Soulja Boy has been promoting violence and gang culture for years and it would be nice to see him try something new. It would also be a good way for him to get some much-needed exposure because he might not have a great shot at getting any other acting gigs. We could most certainly give him the Drama Queen Award!


Soulja Boy: Instagram

Soulja Boy Took to Instagram claiming he isn’t squashing any beef, everyone gotta die. Deandre Cortez Way Aka ” Soulja Boy” is a Chicago born native that caught a break in 2007. Soulja Boy’s song “Crank That” was a huge hit and it became the first hip-hop song to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100, in 2007. His record deal expired in 2013.Soulja boy has never been able to succumb back to the top of the charts despite dropping album after album. mixtape after mixtape.

In the future, we might see more rappers promoting violence and causing mayhem to be heard. Soulja Boy is a perfect example of this. Considering that Soulja Boy lost his brother March 23, 2011, to a tragic car accident, you would think that soulja boy could identify with the grief that comes when you lose a loved one suddenly. Instead, we have him still around pushing the death agenda. Youngboy Nba on the other hand talks about violence, how the ones with lack of knowledge of self, keeps the violence and ignorant violence going.

Youngboy Nba
File:NBA YOUNGBOY 2018.png
File:NBA YOUNGBOY 2018.png

We need to educate our children away from individuals like Soulja Boy because he isn’t just talking trash when he raps about killing the future. Our people, your people, anyone. Think of all the talented actors, rappers, comedians, and the like who have been blackballed from Hollywood due to speaking far to much. Saying “yes” to violence is like saying “yes” to having your loved ones wiped out by the mob.

Say no to Soulja Boy

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