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iJam Power Radio™ Is Back And Better Than Ever!

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We are looking for sponsors to help us reach our goals of healing the nation’s impoverished communities. We need to raise as much money as possible in order to fund this project.

What is iJam Power Radio™?

iJam Power Radio™ is a new kind of media news website and radio station that will be broadcasting true news, radio, and talk available online and soon on FM 24 hours a day with the goal of healing the nation’s impoverished communities with words of encouragement.

iJam Power Radio™ will have an National focus and will cover topics that affect impoverished people around the Nation including health care, education, economic empowerment, and more.

Local & National News And Sports

Mr. Jordan aka Jordan The Producer has been a producer for over 25 years and has been hosting iJam Power Radio for over for the last past few years

Jordan The Producer a seasoned producer and sound engineer who currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana.

To Become A Sponsor Please Contact Mr. Jordan aka Jordan The Producer At : 5744048065 Or jordantheproducer@aol.com

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