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Looking For An All-In-One Computer / Game System? Atari Might Have The Solution!

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Atari has developed a hybrid PC/Console with a very fitting name… The Atari VCS(Video Computer System) is the first Atari Console in over 20 years and has a price tag of $299 USD for the all-in bundle

Atari is the first Console Manufacturer to make this bold move and we think it is a very smart move.
This not only gives the user many more options, but it also opens a new door for Atari to grow in an area that it used to be quite good at.

Black Widow is one of the best and most challenging games that I’ve played in years!

Remember Centipede? Take a look below, it’s simply an amazing remake and fits Atari very well.

Atari Pong was my very first console and then the VCS right after.
of course, coming from a low-income home they were outdated but they were mine lol. I actually found Pong in the trash and my mom brought my VCS from Goldblatt’s… I sure do miss those days but to make a long story short, I have always hoped for Atari to get back on top of things and really want this new project to succeed and Atari now has some great games to market the system with.

Kids will love these game and the best thing of all is they are not violent games and screams game night vibes
A beatiful design

Atari Could Take off if they listen to us… The Gamers!
Atari should make a Recharged All-In Bundle with 2 modern gamepads and 4 recharged games for $299
and make a PC All-In with a mouse, keyboard, and windows pre-installed for $249-$299 or $199 for a core system.
We all know that it does not take power to create a great game, it takes Creativity.
Atari seems to be listening to Nolan Bushnell’s advice because truthfully you can’t find the next Steve Jobs by requiring all kinds of credentials and having all kinds of strict standards!
The New Atari 50 Collection by Atari and Digital Eclipse. Kids absolutely love the Recharged games on the VCS but have no idea that it exists.

By welcoming indie developers aboard Atari will have a chance to see the most talented people which gives them a chance to see who is worth investing money in or not.
The system did not come without controversy as some people thought it was a scam and that Atari was making off with everyone’s money.
Atari has delivered but has tons of work to do to make this a successful system.
Come on Atari Let’s Go… We Are Rooting For You!!!
I love the system but it needs promotion now!
For More Info Visit One Of The Links Below!!!

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11/18/2022 9:42 pm

this turned out to be a great system even tho it could use more support

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