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Great Late Retired MLB Dennis Eckersley of the Red Sox Daughter Abandons newborn in woods….

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Photo by Tonia Kraakman on Unsplash

Pure sadness in a world where money can buy you anything, it could not buy Alexandra Eckersley a heart. In breaking news, it was reported that a woman whom we know now to be the adopted daughter of late great Dennis Eckersley , had given birth to a baby in a tent, inside of the woods. Just before 1am police arrived, and Alexandra Eckersley lied to police and told them that she just had a miscarriage.

Alexandra Eckersley adopted daughter of legendary Mlb player Dennis Eckersley

After searching the wood authorities say for over an hour, they found the newborn baby uncovered and struggling to breathe on the floor of a tent near the Piscataquag River in New Hampshire. Police on scene sent the baby to the hospital and further details about the baby health is being withheld at this time

As for Alexandra Eckersley, Alexandra’s story sheds light on how devastating drug addiction can be to one’s life, and how it can lead them down a path of destruction if not treated properly. No one in their right mind could leave their child in 18-degree weather, but now to add to that she is facing A felony Charge of reckless conduct and endangering the welfare of a child. She is due to be arraigned this morning.

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