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MPD has arrested a fifth suspect in connection with the shooting of rapper Young Dolph.

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Jermarcus Johnson

MPD has arrested a fifth suspect tonight, even though the fourth suspect, Shundale Barnett, was released in Indiana and is still on the run. The fifth suspect Jermarcus Johnson is the fourth person taken into custody and entered the picture when a third suspect Govan Hernandez was apprehended last week. Authorities learned that Goven met with Cornelius Smith,-Straight-Drop 32, and Justin Johnson, 24 at rapper’s Yo Gotti restaurant Prive for another rapper Teezy’s birthday celebration, and that’s when the plot to kill Young Dolph began.

young Dolph

November 17, 2021, Adolph Thornton was inside Makeda’s Cookie Shop when Cornelius Smith-Straight-Drop and Justin Johnson arrived within five minutes and shot him 22 times. November, 30th Adolph was laid to rest with no suspects in custody. After investigating police found and were able to tie the car used to kill Adolph to Cornelius and Justin. The car was found outside an abandoned home on Bradley Street days after the killing in late November. It was the same home seen in a music video featuring Young Dolph’s killer Justin Johnson also known as Straight Drop. Both pleaded not guilty, however, someone began to talk. In addition to that, It lead police to Shundale Barnett. Shundale Barnett, 27, was wrongly freed from detention on January 21st instead of being extradited to Memphis for being an accomplice after the fact to first-degree murder.

Shundale Barnett wanted for accomplice after the fact 1st Degree

With Cornelius-Straight-Drop and Justin Johnson in protective custody, more tips begin to pour in. Police were able to tie Goven Hernandez to a Double homicide that left 2 women dead, using as we already know, the same car that was used in the Young Dolph murder. It is alleged that Goven daughter was a Houston rapper and was gunned down last year, so Goven begin plotting his revenge. Please stay check back for more details until they check out the video below

video credit: Onan tv
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