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Discrimination and the Deliberate Sale of Outdated Products in Corner Stores

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Corner stores, woven into the fabric of my neighborhood, have always stood as convenient sources of daily essentials. However, my heightened awareness and personal experiences have starkly revealed a troubling reality within certain corner stores owned by individuals from foreign countries like India, Korea, and Arabia. These are not mere allegations; they are undeniable facts. These corner stores consistently stock and sell outdated, expired products, with a stark focus on mistreating black customers like myself. In this candid and introspective account, I will share my persistent encounters, explore the veracity of these claims, and delve into the motivations behind these disturbing practices.
My name is Jordan The Producer for iJam Power Radio and News.

Navigating A Pattern of Unfair Encounters

North South Bend, Indiana Mini Mart

The corner stores that once exuded convenience have now become a source of skepticism and discomfort. This issue is not an isolated incident; it is a recurring theme nationwide. I vividly recall numerous instances when I stepped into these stores hoping for a simple purchase, only to be met with disappointment as I realized that the items I selected were far from fresh. The consistency of these experiences has led me to question whether this treatment is a carefully calculated decision.

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One specific memory remains vivid—a day when I entered a corner store to get some candy. As I looked at the candy display, Upon closer inspection, the reality was undeniable—the expiration dates had long elapsed. The shock was palpable—was this a calculated move to push outdated products onto customers like me, for profit? This unsettling encounter intensified my determination to unearth the truth behind these deeply troubling practices.

Unveiling the Evident Motivations

The fact that corner stores systematically peddle outdated products cannot be disregarded. To gain a comprehensive understanding, I delved into the motivations that potentially drive this disturbing practice:

  1. Profit-Driven Strategy: The question arises: does a financial motive underpin the sale of old merchandise? The possibility of capitalizing on customers who might overlook expiration dates, thereby boosting profit margins, raises troubling concerns.
  2. Embedded Racial Bias: The undeniable fact that black customers are consistently subjected to such practices highlights the perpetuation of discriminatory behavior within these corner stores.

A Call for Collective Change

Confronting this deeply entrenched problem demands united efforts:

  1. Empowered Consumers: Equipping consumers with the ability to recognize and report instances of deliberately outdated products is crucial. By doing so, we send a powerful message that such practices are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
  2. Community Mobilization: Initiating awareness campaigns within the community empowers individuals with knowledge about their rights and responsibilities. This awareness is instrumental in challenging and rectifying these deeply unjust practices.
  3. Cultivating Cultural Awareness: Introducing cultural sensitivity training for store owners and their staff can bridge gaps in understanding, fostering improved relationships between customers and businesses.
  4. Collective Dialogue: Establishing platforms for open conversations involving corner store proprietors, customers, and community leaders facilitates meaningful discourse and collaborative efforts toward achieving equitable retail practices.
credit: google
The store owner or employee shows off selfie with a handgun.

Unsettling Image on Google Maps Raises Concerns

In a curious discovery, an image has surfaced on Google Maps’ business search results, capturing a moment that has ignited discussions about its underlying implications. The photograph portrays an individual, possibly a foreign store owner or employee based in Indianapolis, confidently posing for a selfie while holding a semi-automatic Glock-style firearm.

The image has left some viewers troubled, prompting them to question the motives behind such a display. Upon careful analysis, an unsettling suggestion emerges: an intent to convey a message that could be perceived as a potential threat or a show of force. Specifically, concerns have been raised about the implicit association of this gesture with the unsettling idea of resorting to violence, potentially even fatally, in response to matters involving merchandise.

What adds to the disquieting nature of the image is the speculation surrounding its possible implications for the Black community. Some observers have expressed apprehension that this visual proclamation might signify a willingness to resort to extreme measures, including harm to individuals from the Black community, over disputes related to merchandise.

While interpretations of such images can vary widely, this particular portrayal has sparked a meaningful dialogue about the broader societal implications it may carry. As discussions continue, it remains important to approach the situation with sensitivity and an open-minded perspective, while also considering the potential complexities surrounding the intentions behind the image.


My enduring encounters with deliberately outdated products in corner stores, coupled with the undeniable fact of targeted racial bias, impel me to uncover the truth. This is not a sporadic issue; it is an ongoing struggle rooted in facts. While acknowledging the complexity of this issue, it is essential that we confront it head-on. Through awareness initiatives, constructive dialogues, and united endeavors, we can envision a future where corner stores embody fairness, respect, and integrity, serving equally all members of our diverse community, regardless of their racial or ethnic background.

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