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Cowards with guns

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Photo by geralt on Pixabay

How much longer will we allow our children to become victims of careless gang violence gunfire before we stand up and fight?

It should be that our kids should bury us, not the other way around!
It breaks my heart to see what the world is coming to.
The many dreams and thoughts that I had as a kid have drastically changed now that I am older. I look back at all the innocence that we had but not really knowing the reality it all… the world, people, and government that is. Now that I am older and more awake I can see more clearly and I certainly understand how rotten some people can be.
Black communities across America have been overlooked and neglected in every way since the beginning of our existence in America! “Do our lives mean anything to you” shouts one woman “Our blood is on America’s back in so many ways it’s heartbreaking and depressing in every imaginable way”.

There has been a constant array of violence in the city in which I am from and that includes black on black and police on black violence.
Several kids and women have been murdered by cowards with guns… and don’t let me mention the loss of life via black men killing each other.

Rest in peace Chrisyah Stephens… an innocent little angel who was murdered in South Bend Indiana recently by gunmen who decided to drive-by and shoot into an area where children were attending a birthday party.

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