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June 5, 2023

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California seeks to pay $15,000 in reparations for sterilization victims

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The state of California is looking for those who were sterilized and estimates that there were around 600 ex-offenders affected. These women have either served time in a California correctional facility or are currently serving time there. It has been shown beyond a reasonable doubt that these ladies were not informed of the surgeries and did not get any alternative choices. Only 51 women out of 310 who applied have had their applications confirmed by the state as of yet.

15,000 dollars in restitution will be given to each lady whose life has been negatively impacted by the corruption. The state estimates that there is just one more year left to locate these women before the 4.5 million dollar program comes to an end. 103 women were turned down for state aid due to missing or damaged documentation. They said that there are so many women involved that it is making it difficult to verify the allegations. As of right now, we are aware that the first wave of sterilizations took place between the years 1919 and 1950. The second wave of unlicensed sterilizations occurred between the years 2005 and 2013. We also know today that in 2018 over 200 women were sterilized without knowledge at The Los-Angeles USC MEDICAL Center.

In response to the criticism from both the general public and the victims, lawmakers in 2014 established a legislation that prohibits the practice of sterilization in correctional facilities. Officials from the state have sent out letters to the previous residences of these women in a half-hearted effort to find the victims in question. In addition, flyers advertising the project have been sent to all of the detention facilities.

wendy carrillo speaking out against sterilizations.

Wendy Carrillo, a Democrat who serves in the California Assembly, is the person mostly responsible for the implementation of this program. She is advocating for the extension of the program’s deadline in order to provide victims and their families more time to complete the process and the to find their loved ones, and she is doing so by lobbying for the extension. Because of her work as a labor activist and a multimedia journalist, Wendy Carrillo is held in high esteem and is often referred to as a hero.

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