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Black Women Don’t Cry By: Amelia. W

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This picture was taken Monday, a very Gloomy Monday.. but though I’m feeling gloomy, I need to keep reminding myself that everything is going to be ok…

Black women don’t cry. I’ve seen the things you’ve been going through. I see the pride in your eyes. in fact, on other days, you try harder, only to feel it’s not your hardest

Black women don’t cry. And you don’t, because there are no tears left to cry. You’ll stood tall on your heels with your head held up when they told you, you weren’t good enough

Black women don’t cry. You’re a Queen and you knew they lied. Every morning you rise. See the sun rising from the East, and you know that is a sign from your Lord. And while Men plan, you plan, and you know the Lord’s plan is the best, you put your faith in that.

Black women don’t cry. There are so many things you can do. I’ve seen you spread your wings. Black women you have birthed nations. Black women let me be real! You are you, and that’s a natural thing to do

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  • Amelia

    I am a freelance writer who has a real passion for what I do. There are several writers submitting articles to newspapers across the country. As for myself, with an eye for detail and simplicity, I am looking to pursue quality over quantity. — I have always been passionate about telling people's stories and helping out young people. Here at Ijampowerradio.com we are all dedicated to bringing you the facts and growing our communities back to a healthy condition. — I enjoy news topics, music, poems, and simple things like life advice. I hope my work can inspire others to dissect issues with depth and do what is right.

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